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The USP–NF is a combination of two compendia, the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) and the National Formulary (NF). It contains standards for medicines, dosage forms, drug substances, excipients, biologics, compounded preparations, medical devices, dietary supplements, and other therapeutics. The current version of USP–NF standards deemed official by USP are enforceable by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for medicines manufactured and marketed in the United States.

USP 42–NF 37 —becomes official May 1, 2019.

An ISO certified Spanish translation (certified to ISO 17100:2015) of USP–NF compendial content is available in USB Flash Drive format as the Spanish edition.

What's Inside USP 42–NF 37

Subscriber Resources


  • More than 4,900 monographs with specifications for identity, strength, quality, purity, packaging, and labeling for substances and dosage forms. View a sample USP–NF monograph.
  • More than 350 general chapters providing clear, step-by-step guidance for assays, tests, and procedures
  • Helpful sections on reagents, indicators, and solutions, plus reference tables
  • Includes new General Chapter <800> Hazardous Drugs—Handling in Healthcare Settings

Available Formats


Includes a five-volume print main edition and two separate print supplements. Each volume contains a complete table of contents and index. 


Provides access to all updates posted online during the 12 months after subscription start date. Online features include enhanced search capabilities, ability to set alerts and bookmark pages, and a new history tab to quickly access all available versions of a document. Content is updated monthly with Accelerated Revisions, including RBs and Errata, making USP-NF Online a one stop shop for all content. Available for one year for one or more users
(View online technical support.)

USB Flash Drive

The USB flash drive format provides a searchable PDF of the same quality content found in print that is viewed with a secure PDF viewer. Functions include a search tool, clearly bookmarked contents for quick navigation, and printing. Each main edition and supplement integrates content from all previous editions. Subscribers will receive updates that occur during their subscription period on a new cumulative USB flash drive.

Flash Drive Technical Requirements

One free USB 2.0 slot.

Benefits & Applications

The USP–NF offers convenient, comprehensive information for all phases of producing quality prescription, nonprescription, and compounded medicines; excipients; biologics; medical devices; and dietary supplements. It is essential for quality control, quality assurance, regulatory/compendial affairs, research and development, method development/analytical services, and corporate management. USP–NF monographs and methods can help to

  • Ensure compliance with required U.S. quality standards
  • Work to world-recognized standards of precision and accuracy
  • Validate test results against proven benchmarks
  • Establish and validate in-house standard operating procedures, and specifications
  • Expedite new product development and approvals

A Valuable Reference for

Scientists, professionals, and students working in or with

  • Pharmaceuticals—prescription and nonprescription drugs
  • Biological and biotechnology products
  • Blood and blood products
  • Compounded preparations
  • Cosmetics
  • Dietary supplements
  • Excipients/other drug ingredients
  • Medical devices
  • Medical gases
  • Medical libraries
  • Pharmacies
  • Schools of medicine and pharmacy
  • Veterinary drugs