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PF 46(1) Table of Contents Publish date: [January 2, 2020]

Proposed Interim Revision Announcements

In-Process Revision

General Notices to USP-NF (1-May-2021)

General Chapters

<210> Monosaccharide Analysis (1-May-2021)

<631> Color and Achromicity (1-May-2021)

<915> Measurement of Structural Strength of Semisolids By Penetrometry (1-May-2021)

<922> Water Activity (1-May-2021)

<1059> Excipient Performance (1-May-2021)

<1088> In Vitro and In Vivo Evaluation of Dosage Forms (1-May-2021)

<1151> Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms (1-May-2021)

<1788> Methods for the Determination of Particulate Matter in Injections and Ophthalmic Solutions (1-May-2021)

<1788.1> Light Obscuration Method for the Determination of Subvisible Particulate Matter [NEW] (1-May-2021)

<1788.2> Membrane Microscope Method for the Determination of Subvisible Particulate Matter [NEW] (1-May-2021)

<1788.3> Flow Imaging Method for the Determination of Subvisible Particulate Matter [NEW] (1-May-2021)

<1912> Measurement of Hardness of Semisolids (1-May-2021)

Reagents, Indicators, and Solutions

Reagent Specifications

Benzoyl Hydrazide [NEW] (1-May-2021)

Chlorophenylacetylbenzoic Acid [NEW] (1-May-2021)

p-Dimethylaminocinnamaldehyde (1-May-2021)

Test Solutions

50 Percent Phosphoric Acid TS [NEW] (1-May-2021)

Volumetric Solutions

0.1 N Ferric Ammonium Sulfate VS (1-May-2021)

0.1 N Ferrous Ammonium Sulfate VS (1-May-2021)

0.07 N Ferrous Ammonium Sulfate VS (1-May-2021)

1 N Hydrochloric Acid VS (1-May-2021)

0.02 N Hydrochloric Acid VS (1-May-2021)

0.5 N Hydrochloric Acid VS (1-May-2021)

0.1 N Hydrochloric Acid VS (1-May-2021)

0.1 N Potassium Dichromate VS (1-May-2021)

Chromatographic Columns

L121 [NEW] (1-May-2021)

Reference Tables

Description and Solubility (1-May-2021)

USP Monographs

Argatroban Injection [NEW] (1-May-2021)

Cefonicid for Injection (1-May-2021)

Cefonicid Sodium (1-May-2021)

Chlorambucil (1-May-2021)

Chlorambucil Tablets (1-May-2021)

Chloroquine Phosphate Tablets (1-May-2021)

Clocortolone Pivalate (1-May-2021)

Cyclopropane (1-May-2021)

Epinephryl Borate Ophthalmic Solution (1-May-2021)

Ergotamine Tartrate Injection (1-May-2021)

Ethynodiol Diacetate and Mestranol Tablets (1-May-2021)

Fluticasone Propionate Ointment (1-May-2021)

Gallamine Triethiodide (1-May-2021)

Gallamine Triethiodide Injection (1-May-2021)

Haloperidol (1-May-2021)

Liothyronine Sodium (1-May-2021)

Oxandrolone Tablets (1-May-2021)

Oxcarbazepine Oral Suspension (1-May-2021)

Penbutolol Sulfate (1-May-2021)

Penbutolol Sulfate Tablets (1-May-2021)

Pilocarpine (1-May-2021)

Pilocarpine Ocular System (1-May-2021)

Pramipexole Dihydrochloride (1-May-2021)

Quinapril Hydrochloride (1-May-2021)

Ropinirole Extended-Release Tablets (1-May-2021)

Sodium Chloride Tablets (1-May-2021)

Sodium Chloride Tablets for Solution (1-May-2021)

Spironolactone Compounded Oral Suspension (1-May-2021)

Spironolactone Tablets (1-May-2021)

Ursodiol (1-May-2021)

Ursodiol Capsules (1-May-2021)

Ursodiol Tablets (1-May-2021)

Vecuronium Bromide (1-May-2021)

Zinc Carbonate (1-May-2021)

Dietary Supplements

White Peony Root [NEW] (1-May-2021)

White Peony Root Dry Extract [NEW] (1-May-2021)

White Peony Root Powder [NEW] (1-May-2021)


Excipients (USP and NF), Listed By Category (1-May-2021)

Stage 2 Harmonization

Stimuli to The Revision Process