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PF 48(3) Table of Contents Publish date: [May 2, 2022]

Proposed Interim Revision Announcements

General Test and Assay Chapters

<209> Low Molecular Weight Heparin Molecular Weight Determinations 1-NOV-2022

<411> Folic Acid Assay 1-NOV-2022

USP Monographs

Enoxaparin Sodium 1-NOV-2022

Folic Acid Tablets 1-NOV-2022

Levalbuterol Hydrochloride 1-NOV-2022

Levalbuterol Inhalation Solution 1-NOV-2022

In-Process Revision

General Test and Assay Chapters

<382> Elastomeric Component Functional Suitability In Parenteral Product Packaging/Delivery Systems (USPNF 2023 ISSUE 3)

<383> Cured Silicone Elastomers for Pharmaceutical Packaging and Manufacturing Components [NEW] (USPNF 2023 ISSUE 3)

<831> Refractive Index (USPNF 2023 ISSUE 3)

General Information Chapters

<1079> Risks and Mitigation Strategies for the Storage and Transportation of Finished Drug Products (USPNF 2023 ISSUE 3)

<1724> Semisolid Drug Products - Performance Tests (USPNF 2023 ISSUE 3)

<1912> Measurement of Hardness of Semisolids (USPNF 2023 ISSUE 3)

Reagents, Indicators, and Solutions

Reagent Specifications

Gamma-Decalactone [NEW] (USPNF 2023 ISSUE 3)

Glycolide [NEW] (USPNF 2023 ISSUE 3)

DL-Lactide [NEW] (USPNF 2023 ISSUE 3)

Description and Solubility

Description and Solubility (USPNF 2023 ISSUE 3)

USP Monographs

Buprenorphine Sublingual Tablets [NEW] (USPNF 2023 ISSUE 3)

Calcium Pantothenate (USPNF 2023 ISSUE 3)

Cefepime Hydrochloride (USPNF 2023 ISSUE 3)

Cefoperazone Sodium (USPNF 2023 ISSUE 3)

Cromolyn Sodium (USPNF 2023 ISSUE 3)

Dalteparin Sodium (USPNF 2023 ISSUE 3)

Flurbiprofen (USPNF 2023 ISSUE 3)

Flurbiprofen Tablets (USPNF 2023 ISSUE 3)

Flurbiprofen Sodium (USPNF 2023 ISSUE 3)

Flurbiprofen Sodium Ophthalmic Solution (USPNF 2023 ISSUE 3)

Gramicidin (USPNF 2023 ISSUE 3)

Isopropyl Alcohol (USPNF 2023 ISSUE 3)

Methyltestosterone (USPNF 2023 ISSUE 3)

Morphine Sulfate (USPNF 2023 ISSUE 3)

Pirfenidone [NEW] (USPNF 2023 ISSUE 3)

Pirfenidone Capsules [NEW] (USPNF 2023 ISSUE 3)

Pirfenidone Tablets [NEW] (USPNF 2023 ISSUE 3)

Tyrothricin (USPNF 2023 ISSUE 3)

Dietary Supplement Monographs

Aloe Vera Leaf Dry Juice [NEW] (USPNF 2023 ISSUE 3)

Aloe Vera Leaf Juice [NEW] (USPNF 2023 ISSUE 3)

Aloe Vera Leaf Juice Concentrate [NEW] (USPNF 2023 ISSUE 3)

Cinnamomum cassia Bark [NEW] (USPNF 2023 ISSUE 3)

Cinnamomum cassia Bark Powder [NEW] (USPNF 2023 ISSUE 3)

Cranberry Fruit Juice Dry Extract [NEW] (USPNF 2023 ISSUE 3)

Lactobacillus reuteri (USPNF 2023 ISSUE 3)

Lactobacillus rhamnosus (USPNF 2023 ISSUE 3)


Excipients (USP and NF), Listed by Category (USPNF 2023 ISSUE 3)

NF Monographs

Candelilla Wax (USPNF 2023 ISSUE 3)

DL-Lactide and Glycolide (50:50) Copolymer 12000 Acid [NEW] (USPNF 2023 ISSUE 3)

Sucralose (USPNF 2023 ISSUE 3)

Stimuli to the Revision Process

Over the Counter Drug Product Standards: Challenges and Potential Paths Forward [NEW]

Overview of the Activities of the USP Expert Panel on New Advancements in Product Performace Testing [NEW]

USP Emerging Standards: Methods for the Analysis of Acetaminophen Injection [NEW]

USP Emerging Standards: Methods for the Analysis of Palbociclib [NEW]

USP's Iterative Approach to Standards Development and the "Emerging Standards" Concept [NEW]