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Errata Table (Oct 2012 - Current)

Access USP–NF Errata

View Errata Postings for USP–NF Spanish Edition (in Spanish).

    Errata are considered to be text erroneously published in the USP–NF that does not accurately reflect the intended requirements as approved by the Council of Experts. Errata are posted at the end of each month and become official on the first day of the following month.

    Errata are corrected in the USP-NF Online publication on the same date as the errata table is published. Revision symbols will designate changes: ▲new text▲ (ERR 1–Jul–2018).

    Errata are posted in the interactive table linked above. Entries are searchable by title, and each column heading can be sorted. In addition, table entries can be downloaded in CSV and PDF format and printed.

    • Errata Official Date refers to the date the Erratum becomes official.
    • Source Publication is the latest official publication where the Erratum appears, or upcoming official publication if the Erratum was introduced after the latest official publication.
    • Page Number indicates where the item is found within the source print publication.
    • Errata Post Date specifies when the Erratum first appeared in the online errata table.
    • The columns Target Errata Print Publication and Target Online Fix Publication will be populated with NA as of December 28, 2018. These columns are no longer relevant as the USP-NF Online content is corrected on the same date as the errata posts.

    For more information on the errata process, see USP's Guideline on the Use of Accelerated Processes for Revisions to USP–NF. USP staff is available to respond to questions regarding the accuracy of a particular requirement by phone at 1-800-822-USPC or email at

    Older Errata Postings (Dec 2010 - Sept 2012)

    Errata Appearing in PF (Dec 2009 - Nov 2010)