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Compendial Notices

USP–NF Compendial Notices are designed to inform stakeholders of the changing status of USP–NF monographs and general chapters and other USP–NF standards-setting initiatives. Compendial Notices include General Announcements, Notices of Intent to Revise, and Publications Corrections.

Notices are generally posted at the end of the month, but can be posted at any time depending upon the urgency of the notice. USP posts Compendial Notices related to specific standards by general chapter (numerical order), then by monograph name (alphabetical order). The "New Notices" section includes the most recently posted Compendial Notices in chronological order.


New Notices

Most recently posted Compendial Notices in chronological order

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Notices of Intent to Revise and Pharmacopeial Forum-Related Notices

Notices to inform users of official text that is under revision.

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Retired Compendial Notices

Notices related to published proposals and official text, including reference changes, redesigned monographs, and USP–NF Online

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