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Compendial Notices

USP–NF Compendial Notices are designed to inform stakeholders of the changing status of USP–NF monographs and general chapters and other USP–NF standards-setting initiatives. Compendial Notices include General Announcements, Notices of Intent to Revise, and Publications Corrections.

Notices are generally posted at the end of the month, but can be posted at any time depending upon the urgency of the notice. USP posts Compendial Notices by general chapter (numerical order), then by monograph name (alphabetical order). The "New Notices" section includes the most recently posted Compendial Notices in chronological order.

COVID-19 Response

USP is committed to supporting the public health response to COVID-19, recognizing the unique role we play in ensuring the availability of public quality standards. Notices related to compendial activities as part of the USP COVID-19 response can be found here.   

Read more about USP’s overall response to COVID-19 at the COVID-19: Addressing the Global Health Crisis.

Revision Bulletins



Main Topics

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New Notices

General Announcements

General Announcements are posted on USP's website to provide USP–NF users with general information about the USP–NF, Supplements, Pharmacopeial Forum (PF), or other USP standards-setting activities.

Notices of Intent to Revise

USP provides Intent to Revise Announcements to notify users of official text that is under revision. Note: Intent to Revise notices for reference related changes are listed below in the Reference Changes section.

Notices of Intent to Revise: Pending Monograph Program

For more information please see the Pending Monograph Program webpage

General Chapter Prospectus 

As part of a pilot process, USP Expert Committee members will develop a brief prospectus for new general chapters or major general chapter revisions prior to their publication in Pharmacopeial Forum (PF). The purpose of these is to solicit input during the early stages of general chapter development. The input received from the prospectus process will be considered as advisory only. Formal comments on subsequent PF proposals must be submitted separately at the time of publication in PF.

Below is a listing of the currently active general chapter prospectus notices:

Reference Changes

USP and its Expert Committees periodically deem it necessary to modify general chapter titles or similar text that may be referenced in other standards throughout the USP–NF. When this occurs, USP staff undertakes a rigorous process for identifying and updating such references. These updates may occur through a routine revision, or, in cases in which an update appears to present no significant change in the affected standard, through a direct update of the reference in that standard without providing an opportunity for notice and comment. In all cases, USP will publish on its website a notice indicating the source change, any resulting references, and whether those references will be updated through a routine revision or a direct update. Below is a listing of these notices and related information. Updates made through direct publication in the USP–NF will be clearly identified by symbols and shading in the print and electronic publications.

Publications Announcements

USP–NF Redesigned Monographs

The downloadable Excel file below lists titles of monographs appearing in an official publication (USP–NF or Supplement) in the redesigned format. Monographs are redesigned either through USP’s revision process in the Pharmacopeial Forum (PF), accelerated revision, or as part of USP’s ongoing redesign process. The list can be sorted by monograph type, Expert Committee designation, or publication vehicle in which the monograph initially appeared in the redesigned format. This list is updated with the publication of each new USP–NF and Supplement. Currently, some drug substance monographs do not include the chemical structure of the article or may incorrectly include a structure in a dosage form monograph. As part of the redesign effort, the chemical structure of the article is being deleted or added to these monographs as an editorial change.

For questions regarding the redesign process, email