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Publication Announcement: USP-NF Revision Symbols

Type of Posting: General Announcement

Posting Date: 23-February-2018

Starting with Revision Bulletins posting on March 30, 2018, official revisions to USP–NF content will be denoted by triangles along with the revision type or official publication. See the table below. The only exception will be Harmonization, which will still be denoted with the diamonds.

Revision Type  Revision Symbol and Text
In Process Revision (Book or Supplement

pp2S (USP41)

pp2S (NF36)

pp2S (GH41)

Interim Revision Announcement pp(IRA 1-Jul-2018)
Revision Bulletin pp(RB 1-Jul-2018)
Harmonization tt
Errata pp(ERR 1-Jul-2018)
Chapter References

pp(CN 1-Jul-2018)

pp(Official 1-Jul-2018)

Pending pp(TBD)

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