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USP Releases Improved Packaging for Salicylic Acid Calibrator Tablets

Type of Posting: General Announcement

Posting Date: 19–Oct–2005

USP released a new lot of Salicylic Acid Calibrator Tablets. With the release of this new lot, USP has addressed a long-standing issue with this product. The new lot is packaged in blister packages. Salicylic Acid Tablets are pure salicylic acid with no fillers or binders. Due to the low sublimation point of salicylic acid, tablets were prone to stick together in the bottles. The blister packs will eliminate this issue and will make the tablets easier to use. Several years ago, the number of tablets in a bottle was increased from 30 to 33 tablets, including 3 extra tablets in a bottle to allow for waste due to tablets sticking together and chipping or cracking when separated. With the change to blister packs we have returned to 30 tablets in a package. You may still see some crystalline powder on the tablet surface or in the blister. This is normal and occurs as a result of the low sublimation point of salicylic acid. If this occurs, brush the tablets gently with a soft brush before use. USP is pleased to offer an improved product in response to customer requests.