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Reagent PDFs and Errata PDFs Online for USP 36–NF 31 2S

Type of Posting: General Announcement

Posting Date: 31–May–2013

Starting with the USP 36–NF 31 Second Supplement, we will no longer be including the print PDF feature for the “Reagents Specifications” folder in the online product for supplements. For the main USP–NF edition online, the print PDF feature will be available.

In addition, starting with USP 36–NF 31 Second Supplement, PDFs to titles with Errata will now be updated to reflect the current content. The PDFs displaying the corrected Errata will indicate in the header “Errata to [official publication]” and include revision symbols to designate changes.

Should you have any questions, please contact Caroline Martin, Director, Publications (301-816-8521 or