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General Chapter <800> Hazardous Drugs — Handling in Healthcare Settings

Type of Posting: Notice of Intent to Revise
Posting Date: 29–Sep–2017 
Targeted Official Date of Revision Bulletin: 1-Nov-2017
Expert Committee: Compounding

In accordance with section 7.07 of the Rules and Procedures of the 2015-2020 Council of Experts, this is to provide notice that USP is announcing the intent to postpone the official date of General Chapter <800> Hazardous Drugs – Handling in Healthcare Settings.  

The intent of this postponement is to align the official date of General Chapter <800> with the official date of the next revision of General Chapter <797> Pharmaceutical Compounding — Sterile Preparations, to provide a unified approach to quality compounding. The next revision to General Chapter <797> is anticipated to be published in the Pharmacopeial Forum 44(5) September-October 2018 for a second round of public comment and is expected to become official on December 1, 2019. Sections of the revised <797> may have longer implementation dates that will allow time for adoption of the standard. 

USP encourages early adoption and implementation of General Chapter <800> to help ensure a safe environment and protection of healthcare practitioners and others when handling hazardous drugs.  We will continue to support our stakeholders through education and outreach.

Should you have any questions, please contact Jeanne Sun, Manager, Compounding, Healthcare Quality & Safety (