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First Supplement to USP 39–NF 34 Online: Errata Icon for GC <661.1>

Type of Posting: Publication Correction

Posting Date: 23–May–2016

USP recently discovered that General Chapter <661.1> Plastic Materials of Construction is missing the Errata icon in First Supplement to USP 39–NF 34 online.

The icon will be present in the Second Supplement to USP 39–NF 34 online, which posts June 1, 2016. The errata itself will appear corrected in the file in USP 40–NF 35.

To access the errata for <661.1> Plastic Materials of Construction visit the USP–NF Errata table.

USP apologizes for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Should you have any questions, please contact Caroline Martin, Director, Publications (301-816-8521 or