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Cumulative List of USP–NF and FCC Revisions Now Available

Type of Posting: General Announcement

Posting Date: 29–Jul–2016

Revised Date: 01–Mar–2017

USP has developed a Cumulative List of USP–NF Revisions to assist users in tracking revisions to USP–NF content. This list was first posted in December 2015 and includes information on the status of all proposed revisions which have been in progress since July 2015; including information on In-Process Revisions, Revision Bulletins, and Interim Revision Announcements. Recently, the list was also expanded to include information on Errata and redesigned monographs.

In the future, USP will update the 2015–2020 Cumulative List of USP–NF Revisions each month to include the latest information on Accelerated and In-Process Revisions.

The complete 2015–2020 Cumulative List of USP–NF Revisions can be found on the Proposal Status/Commentary webpage. In addition, abstracts of the list for each Expert Committee are posted in the Expert Committee Work Plans.

A similar list has been created for the FCC. The 2015–2020 Cumulative List of FCC Revisions is posted on the FCC Proposal Status/Commentary webpage. The Cumulative List of FCC Revisions will be updated twice a year coinciding with the publication of the Approvals, Deferrals, and Cancellation lists for each FCC publication.

Should you have any questions, please contact Elizabeth Bladen, Supervisor, Executive Secretariat Administration (301-816-8383,