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General Notices 6.50.20 Solutions Erratum Posted

Type of Posting: Erratum

Posting Date: 25–Jul–2014

Expert Committee: Council of Experts Executive Committee

With oversight from the Council of Experts Executive Committee, the USP body that approves revisions to General Notices, USP is publishing an Erratum to General Notices 6.50.20 Solutions to reinstate text that was incorrectly removed from the current version that became official on May 1, 2014 with USP 37–NF 32. The second paragraph of General Notices 6.50.20 Solutions will now read as follows (reinstated text is underlined):

An expression such as “(1 in 10)” means that 1 part by volume of a liquid shall be diluted with, or 1 part by weight of a solid shall be dissolved in, a sufficient quantity of the diluent or solvent to make the volume of the finished solution 10 parts by volume. An expression such as “(20:5:2)” means that the respective numbers of parts, by volume, of the designated liquids shall be mixed, unless otherwise indicated.

This Notice is being provided because General Notices, unlike monographs and general chapters in the USP–NF Online, cannot be appended with an Accelerated Revision icon that links to the description of the Accelerated Revision on USP’s website. This Erratum will be listed in the table of USP–NF Errata on USP’s website. The corrected version of General Notices will appear in USP 38–NF 33.

Please contact Mario Sindaco (301-816-8246 or should you have any questions.