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New USP-NF Online Launch and Delayed Implementation for Second Supplement to USP41-NF36

Type of Posting: Publication Announcement 
Posting Date: 15-May-2018

NEW USP-NF Website

Based on extensive research and end-user interviews, USP has revamped the USP–NF website. The new USP–NF Online is expected to be available in mid to late June 2018 and will contain all of the content in the USP41–NF36 through Second Supplement to USP41–NF36.

The new USP–NF Online website will require you to set up an Access Point account if you do not already have one. Tutorials to help you easily set up your Access Point accounts can be found here. The new USP–NF has the following features:

  •     New individual accounts, enabling users to customize the product dashboard 
  •     New and comprehensive search tool, helping users to find information quickly. 
  •     Simplified navigation of all content with annotations to explain the content of different sections, providing helpful context for new or infrequent users. 
  •     Personalized bookmarks and a “Viewing Activity” list, so users can easily go back to previously viewed pages. 
  •     Ability to sign up for notifications of upcoming changes to specific documents, to alert users when documents of interest are updated. 
  •     Accelerated Revisions such as Errata, Revision Bulletins, and Interim Revision Announcements (IRAs) are now integrated into the new platform, eliminating the need to go to multiple places to ensure use of the latest official content.  •    Walk-throughs and video tutorials built into the system for key functions like navigation and search, so users can quickly get up to speed on the new capabilities. 

Delay of Official Date

Because the Second Supplement to USP41–NF36 will not be available by the regular posting date of June 1st, and to give users additional time to adjust to the new website before implementation, we are delaying the official date of this publication by three months from December 1, 2018 until March 1, 2019.  Please note that as provided in General Notices Section 3.10, early adoption of a revised standard is permitted unless otherwise specified.

To help you prepare prior to the posting date, attached is a list of all the titles that will appear in the Second Supplement to USP41–NF 36.

To further help users in the transition to the new platform, content from USP41–NF36 through First Supplement to USP41–NF36 will continue to be available on the previous version of the USP–NF Online website until November 1, 2018.

Continued Improvement

The new website and content have been extensively reviewed by USP staff as well as end users, but we encourage you to submit your suggestions for continued improvement, new functionality, and bug fixes at