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USP 34–NF 29 December Errata Posting

Posting Date: 30–Dec–2010

The USP 34–NF 29 Errata posting of December 30, 2010, lists a larger than normal number of Errata. A majority of these Errata result from two types of errors:

  • First, as part of a revision to General Chapter <11> USP Reference Standards in USP 34–NF 29, the comprehensive list of USP Reference Standards specified in USP and NF monographs and general chapters was eliminated and the remaining information was moved into the monographs. It was discovered that not all information was moved correctly. The information is being restored to the proper monograph using the Errata process.
  • The second error type included the omission of several procedural notes that followed the Reference Standard information and preceded the Identification section in the official text. The missing notes are being restored using the Errata process.

Errata are considered to be text erroneously published in the USP–NF or Supplement that does not accurately reflect the intended requirements as approved by the Council of Experts. The Errata table is updated on a bi-monthly basis and posted on the Errata web page.

This information also will be available as a cumulative table in future Supplements, and will appear in its corrected form in a future annual edition of USP–NF.

For further information, contact Caroline Wilson, Director of Publications (301-816-8521or