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USP–NF Errata Table: Official Dates Change

Type of Posting: Publication Announcement
Posting Date: 12–Feb–2021

Beginning with the USP-NF Errata Table posting on February 26, 2021, there will be a change to how official dates of errata corrections are determined. In most cases, errata revisions will continue to be official on the first day of the month following publication in the errata table. In the event that a “To be official” standard is already published with a future official date, errata to that standard will have the same official date as the rest of the standard. This is to ensure that errata revisions become official at the same time as surrounding text. The official dates of errata will continue to be displayed in the table at as well as in the markup surrounding the revision.

Here is a hypothetical example of how the official date will work for “To be official” standards: A monograph was published in USP–NF 2021 Issue 1, and will become official on May 1, 2021. An erratum is discovered to the monograph in January. The erratum will be published in the February errata table and it will be noted that the erratum will become official on May 1, 2021, along with the rest of the monograph.

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