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Harmonization Stage 4 [April 2018]: Methylcellulose

Type of Posting: Publication Correction
Posting Date: 01–Jun–2018

USP recently discovered a revision mark-up error in the Methylcellulose monograph as it appears in the April 2018 Harmonization Stage 4 posting. In the Assay Procedure, the Official USP42 revision mark-up starting from "0.53-mm x 30-m fused silica capillary" should extend to the end of Table 1 in Temperatures. The content of the procedure is correct.

USP is posting this notice to address any confusion that may have been caused by the omission of the revision mark-up. The monograph will not be updated.

USP apologizes for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Should you have any questions, please contact Caroline Martin, Senior Director, Publications (301-816-8521 or