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USP-NF Archive Products

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Valuable tools for science and industry professionals.

USP–NF Archive products contain previously-official versions of the United Sates Pharmacopeia–National Formulary housed on USB flash drives. These extensive PDF archives allow you to research revisions to monographs and general chapters, easily review compendial content, compare documentation over time, and save shelf space!

Available USP-NF Archive Products

  • USP 38–NF 33
    Complete content of previously-official USP 38–-NF 33 on one flash drive
  • USP 37–NF 32
    Complete content of previously-official USP 37–-NF 32 on one flash drive
  • USP 28–NF 23 through USP 36–NF 31
    Complete content of nine previously-official editions of USP–NF on one USB flash drive

Browsable. Searchable. Printable.

Users now have convenient access to an extensive set of documented standards that can be easily browsed, searched, and printed.

Archive features

  • An extensive set of USP–NF public standards
  • Formerly official content pages are watermarked, clearly identifying archive status
  • Relevant supplements, accelerated revisions, and Errata