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USP-NF Mobile App


Introducing the USP-NF Mobile App, your solution for replacing the print and USB formats. This convenient application allows you to access USP–NF content no matter where you are, even if you don’t currently have internet access. As USP has transitioned away from traditional print and USB formats, the USP-NF Mobile App provides you “offline” access to USP–NF content.

While the layout and functionality of the USP-NF Mobile app is somewhat different from the full-featured USP–NF Online platform, rest assured that you still have access to all of the current content in the USP–NF Online. The application notifies you to synchronize with the USP–NF Online at the end of each month to ensure that you have access to the latest updates to USP–NF documents, as soon as they are published by USP. One subscription is $700 USD, allows installation and data sync on up to two (2) devices, and does not require Access Point account registration.

Below is a screenshot of the Dashboard where you can find (starting from the top), the icon for the "Main Menu", the Search tool, "What’s New", "My Viewing Activity", "Bookmarks", and sections of the USP–NF.This page will help you become familiar with the USP-NF Mobile App – below is a screenshot that provides you a layout of the "Dashboard" for the mobile application. You can also see where and how to access important features such as the Main Menu, Search Tool, and how to navigate to USP–NF content. 

Below is a screenshot of a documentary standard within the application. Please note that you can access multiple versions of a document by tapping on the "Switch Version (#)" text on the banner. Please note that icons for bookmarks, reference standards, and the table of contents are located at the bottom of the document. 

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions for the USP-NF Mobile App:

  1. What are the benefits of the USP-NF Mobile App?
    • Streamlined interface that has been specifically designed for mobile devices.
    • Easy, mobile access to USP–NF content while connected or disconnected to the Internet.
    • Application automatically reminds you to connect to the Internet in order to download the latest content.
    • Necessary only to connect to the Internet at the end of the month to download the latest updates.
  2. What is different about the USP-NF Mobile App than the USP-NF Online platform?
    • Only Currently Official (green) and Not Yet Official (yellow) USP–NF content is accessible on the USP-NF Mobile application. The application automatically removes versions that are No Longer Official at the end of each month. This allows for more rapid downloads and synchronization of content. As a result, users must access the USP–NF Online platform (URL) to access No Longer Official content.
    • Ability to install and use the USP-NF mobile application on up to two (2) devices per subscription key.  Please note that an Access Point account is not required to use the mobile application, but it is required to use the USP–NF Online.
    • There are some differences in navigation and search on the mobile application, due to constraints of the mobile environment. For example, in order to switch between versions of a document, you tap on the official status in the mobile app (see screenshot below).
  3. What functionality is available on both the USP-NF Mobile app, and the current USP–NF Online platform?
    • Ability to conduct searches with the same functionality as in the USP–NF Online.
    • Ability to navigate to sections of the USP–NF from the Dashboard.
    • Access to the same search facets to refine search results.
    • Ability to bookmark documents.
    • Easy access to "My Viewing Activity" and "Bookmarks" from either the Dashboard or from the Navigation bar.
    • Ability to view a list of Reference Standards referenced in a document and link to the USP Store.
    • Ability to view the Table of Contents of a document and to view a Support tab.
    • Ability to view the Currently Official and Not Yet Official versions of a document.
    • Easy access to USP resources through external links.

  4. How do I navigate to a section within the USP-NF Mobile App?
    • You navigate to a section by first going to the Dashboard on the app, scrolling past the "My Viewing Activity" and "Bookmarks" section if necessary, and then tap on one of the USP–NF sections (see screenshot below).

    • Once you enter the application, by default, you will first see the Dashboard.
    • Scroll down past the "My Viewing Activity" and "Bookmark" panel to view USP–NF sections such as General Chapters and Monographs. Below is a list of the sections in order:
      • General Documents
      • General Chapters
      • Monographs
      • Reagents and Reference Tables
    • To navigate to the Dashboard from a document, simply tap on the menu icon located in the upper left-hand corner and tap on the "Dashboard" link.
  5. How do I conduct a search within the USP-NF Mobile App?
    • To conduct a search, simply tap on the search icon located in the upper right-hand corner.
    • Type in at least three letters or three numbers to view the results.
    • Tap on a link to view all of the results or a specific document.
    • Tap on the "x" on the right-hand side of the search tool to delete a term and restart a new search.

  6. What are the technical requirements?
    • Here is a list of compatible devices:
      Operating System Phone Tablet
      iOS 12 and up iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone X iPad 9.7” and up
      Android 6.0 and up Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel Samsung 10” and up

  7. How do I install the USP-NF Mobile App?
    • Click here for instructions on how to install the application and other frequently asked questions.
  8. How do I sync the USP-NF Mobile App with the latest content from the USP-NF Online platform?
    • There are two ways that you can sync your application:
      • You can tap on the "Sync" icon under the Main menu (see screenshot below).

      • You can also tap on the "Sync" icon on top-right header of the application (see screenshot below).

  9. How do I know that I have the most up-to-date data or that my app has been synchronized with the latest USP-NF content?
    • There are two different types of notifications as reminders to download latest content.
      • One notification from the application will appear at the end of the month to connect to the Internet in order to sync data with the USP–NF Online.
      • The second notification will appear from the application to remind you to connect to the Internet in order to synchronize USP–NF data.
    • You can easily check when you last synchronized your application by going to the Main Menu. Under the USP logo, you will see "Last Synced" with a date that refers to the last time that you have synchronized your application with the USP–NF Online platform.

Please note the following: As an end-user of the USP-NF Mobile App, I understand and acknowledge that the USP-NF Mobile App only contains Currently Official and To Be Official content and is intended to be used in conjunction with the official full text located in the USP–NF Online platform. I further understand, in case of any discrepancy between the USP-NF Mobile App and the USP-NF Online platform, content in the USP–NF Online platform shall prevail.