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A new look is coming for the site!

Things to know:

  • The url will not change.
  • You will find all that you need in a streamlined format.
  • Below is a list of the new tabs available on the main navigation:
    • USP-NF Standards Updates - under this tab you will find important updates such as:
      • Revision Bulletins
      • IRAs
      • Pending Monographs
      • Errata
    • Notices – under this tab you will find all Compendial Notices with improved layout
    • Pharmacopeial Forum – here you will find details for:
      • PF Table of Contents
      • Proposal/Commentary
    • USP-NF – here you will find information about:
      • USP-NF Online
      • Spanish USP-NF Online
      • USP-NF Mobile App
    • Resources – this tab will include useful resources such as:
      • Publication & Comment Schedule
      • FAQs
      • Links currently under “Related Resources” will move under “Resource” tab