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Omission of Levodopa Capsules Monograph

Type of Posting: General Announcement
Posting Date: 01–Aug–2018

USP may propose to omit a monograph from the USP-NF if the article is no longer marketed in the United States and is not necessary to serve a public health need.  Monographs may also be proposed for omission to address safety concerns.  

No drug products formulated as defined under Levodopa Capsules are currently marketed in the United States and it is currently not on the list for approved veterinary medicine in the United States.  Therefore, USP intends to propose the omission of the Levodopa Capsules monograph in the Pharmacopeial Forum in PF 44(5) [Sep-Oct 2018].  

Should you have any questions or comments, please contact Morgan L. Puderbaugh, Senior Scientific Liaison, at