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USP–NF Updates


USP–NF Compendial Notices are designed to inform stakeholders of the changing status of USP–NF monographs and general chapters, as well as other USP–NF standards-setting initiatives. 

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Updated Standards

Accelerated Revisions can be found through links on the Revision Bulletin and Interim Revision Announcement pages. Proposed revisions processed through USP’s Pending Monographs Program are available here.

Related Resources and Products

Compendial Tools
Compendial Tools

Compendial Tools are informational resources that may aid user in the application of USP standards. These tools are not official and do not affect the interpretation of any USP-developed compendium. These tools are not sufficient for determining whether an article complies with compendial requirements, and should not be used in that manner. These tools are used at the user's own discretion and risk.

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RS Catalog
Reference Standard Catalog

USP currently offers more than 3,500 Reference Standards to ensure quality in pharmaceutical development and manufacturing.

We now offer a growing catalogue of impurities through our Pharmaceutical Analytical Impurities (PAI) product line in addition to USP Reference Standards for impurities. Learn more.

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Chromatographic Columns
Chromatographic Database

The Chromatographic Database is an online compilation of the chromatographic columns used to validate the chromatographic procedures in USP–NFPharmacopeial ForumRevision Bulletins, and Interim Revision Announcements. It provides a cumulative listing of columns referenced in gas and liquid chromatographic methods related to revisions made to USP–NF since January 1980.

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Standards Established through a Public Process

USP creates and continuously revises USP–NF standards through a unique public–private collaborative process, which involves pharmaceutical scientists in industry, academia, and government as well as other interested parties from anywhere in the world.

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